Monday, April 8, 2013

Mural In Progress!


Spring is here! And the deadline to putting up our mural is approaching. Get Up Get Down students are working hard on painting and tracing out the piece that will soon be proudly hanging behind Rao's Coffee in Amherst Center. Stay Tuned for more updates!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Opening Night!

Last night our installation project opened at Freedom Trails Gallery! It was a nice evening for us to celebrate the culmination of this collaborative piece with Get Up Get Down and local artists Alicia Renadette and Angela Zammarelli. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work to create this installation that considers, dissects and reconstructs the shoe. Drawing on shoes as a focus of identity, power, consumerism, utility, and mark making, youth and artists have been using the space to explore shoes in their many forms. Stop by Freedom Trails Gallery in Amherst for the next month to see the project. 

Entrance space into the cozy zone of the big cardboard shoe

Landscape of the cozy constellation nook inside the shoe

 Shoe Sculptures, made from dissecting shoes, cardboard, fabric, found objects

Wandering Soles Wall, mud prints, drawing, paper, shoe soles

A huge THANK YOU to Alicia and Angela for their work with our youth on this project, and to Ani Rivera of Freedom Trails Gallery for hosting! 

Youth involved were Tabitha Klamm, Danielle Martin, Katherine Armentano, Josh Rose and Malcolm Reyes. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh the place's we'll go..

For the past few weeks, Get Up Get Down has been working around the theme of shoes and how that is attached to notions of movement and community. On thursday's, we have been working in the gallery space at Valley Frameworks, dissecting shoes and discovering different ways in which we can use old shoes and other materials to create different layers and images that work together to be one group piece. Follow our journey and take a walk in our shoes as we continue to work on what will be a masterpiece... Oh the places we'll go!
Danielle building a giant shoe!
Still working on the shoe... Amilcar working on something in the corner? 

Strips of paper used to experiment with space in the gallery.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Community Paint Day!

This past Saturday Get Up Get Down invited the community to come to Food For Thought Books to work with them while they touched up the mural on the Northern wall of the building. The Food For Thought mural was completed in 2007 by Get Up Get Down youth. It has been a prominent part of the Amherst landscape for over 5 years now and was due for a re-beautification. 

Drawing activity from last week that we had fun with. We put together a collection of things on a table and took turns moving around the room and adding to each others' drawings. Each drawing is a collaborative effort!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mural Project

The big project we'll be working on this fall is a mural on the "red wall" outside of Rao's Coffee in Amherst. The first thing we did was to put a poster where the mural will go inviting people from the community to voice what they think should go on the wall, and invite youth from the Amherst area join us if they are interested.

Over at the Bangs Center (where we meet) GUGD youth have been looking at all sorts of different muralists' work, sketching, and talking about ideas. Please visit our "Mural Project" page to add your own thoughts and opinions!!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Jones Library

Get Up Get Down youth were honored in a celebratory unveiling of an interactive, multi-media bench project completed during the spring of last year. The bench was installed in front of the Jones Library in Amherst in early October, just in time for the Amherst art walk. A small crowd gathered outside the library on October 4th despite the dreary fall drizzle for a formal ribbon cutting ceremony.

Three of our youth who helped build the bench last spring--Tabitha Klamm, Marleigh Scheiding, and Silas Pilapil--spoke about the bench. We also heard from YAC director, Stacey Lennard, GUGD coordinator, Katie Richardson, and representatives from Jones Library and the Amherst Public Art Comission.

A press release, written by Katie Richardson tells us more about the bench project specifics:

          Public seating seems like an obvious affair- every town buys basic benches for residents to sit on and enjoy each other, wait for the bus, or sip their coffee. But youth from Get Up Get Down have reconsidered the bench and designed a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing bench that is sure to surprise you. The unveiling of this fabulous creation will took place at 5pm on October 4, 2012 (during Amherst ArtWalk) in front of the Jones Library where it has found its home.

          Get Up Get Down is a program of Youth Action Coalition, a non-profit organization that provides high-quality, free programs that address issues of social justice through the arts. Get Up Get Down, based in Amherst, focuses on public art, murals, metal work and other media of interest to youth.  The bench was a creation of last year’s team, and all are excited to see it unveiled for public use.

           Youth in the program worked very hard through variety of steps to complete the vision that started as a brainstorm last winter. They sketched and doodled and compared ideas; they looked at other public seating and discusses the benefits and detriments. Youth noticed a general lack of interaction between people in public spaces and began to consider how they could encourage it, or at least play with the tensions in their piece. The wanted to make a bench where people could face each other more easily and interact if they chose.

          Youth created a cardboard model, and when a general plan was agreed upon, they set to work. Through the generosity of staff at the Hampshire College Design Center, and with the assistance of program coordinator and interns, youth began bending large square pipes for the frame, plasma cutting the backrest, torching pieces to the bend and curve them, and welding the sections together.   Meanwhile, youth from another YAC program, Girls Eye View, were busy taking and printing photos in the darkroom to make the bench come to life. The wooden seats that fit into the frame are covered with black ad white photo collages depicting youth, Amherst and other things that passed by the many lenses.  Finally, the bench had to be coated with laquer, wax and epoxy to protect the surfaces.

          All together, the bench is truly a testament to the powerful work of mind, heart and hand that our youth are capable of. This bench has been welcomed by the board of the Jones Library. It will be a prominent feature in the Amherst landscape for years to come and cause viewers to pause and think each time they see it, as well as to entice those with a book and a coffee to sit and enjoy.